REPAIR (Repair and Enhance Phone Audio on the InteRnet) is a tool for repairing and enhancing audio files, particularly audio recorded from mobile phones. Drag and drop a file into the workspace below to get started! More Info (For now, Chrome and Firefox the only browsers supported.)

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This module removes clipping. Note that extreme clipping cannot be removed, and that this module will not effect files that do not contain clipping. See the clipping example for an idea of the type of clipping that can be removed.
This module removes background noise. Regions of noise are automatically detected and highlighted on the input audio. No noise regions? Increase the threshold. Non-noise regions are selected? Lower the threshold, or double click to remove regions. You can also add noise regions manually by selecting and clicking the Add Noise Region button.

Note that foreground noises like wind and speech can not be removed with this module.

Noise Threshold
Some %
The perceptual equalizer modifies the sound quality by applying a filter. Move the sliders to make the file sound more or less boomy, warm, or bright.
Boom Warm Bright
0 0 0
The input and output files are loudness normalized in order to prevent loudness bias. Select the preferred loudness level.
Loudness (LUFS)